Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moms Gone Wild In NYC

This past weekend, "The Girls" (consisting of 8 wonderful, awesome, rad, lovely, beautiful friends from high school), ventured out to The Big Apple. We went to visit our lovely tour guide Dana, who moved there over a year ago. Eight moms leaving behind 20 kids and 3 on the way. A wonderful way to have a girls weekend!! Here are a few pics from the trip.
Overlooking the city.
Riding the Statton Island Ferry to view the Statue Of Liberty.

Shopping the streets of NYC.
My FAVORITE store!!!
On the set of The Today Show.
Lester, from The Today Show, strutting his stuff.
A night in Time Square.

Ground Zero. A bit overwhelming to see a large area of NYC empty--you just don't see that here. Sad, yet exciting to see that they have already begun the rebuilding.
Lady Liberty

Our wonderful tour guide, Dana.

And now, for the game!!! I have numbers on the pic from 1992. Match the numbers of the first pic with the letters of the second. See if you can get it correct. Click on picture to enlarge if you must. (all those present, are exempt from the game--lol). I think we have all aged well ladies. Wonderful transformation since '92. We don't look a day over 21!!!!
Thanks for the awesome memories!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would leave your husbands behind. Maybe you should be more considerate next time. I think they all deserve a trip to Vegas.

Lynell Shooks said...

i am so all over this game.

i think the "how many curlers permed that hair" guessing game is another one to play.

Lynell Shooks said...

forget that, i can't tell!!!

Is that Julie (92 pic) third from left???

Tina said...

it is.

Lynell Shooks said...

small world. should have known our connections would be about 5 different ways - it's only fitting.....given the dutchness of this area.

Stacy said...

I am incredibly jealous you got to the Today show!